Right after I started this blog, we were informed of a work promotion that my husband received.  Preparation for his new title/job took about five to six weeks of our emotional state, leaving us with total unknowns about the location that we were tentatively told that we would be moving to.

However, the weeks ended and we were just told….
we are officially moving to BAHRAIN!!!!

My husband knows that any big news that he tells me will be met with tears and then a big “oooooh crap”.  That was exactly my reaction, when I met him for lunch, yesterday.  There was about one minute of feeling like the world was lifted off of my shoulders (we’ve been trying to figure out where we are/would like to be going since December 2017), and then….reality – “Ohhhhh crap. We’re moving to the Middle East.”

BUT! I thoroughly escaped panic mode by four hours of grocery shopping and one hour of punching on Boxing VR.  LOL!


The moral of that story – all you need is a big tv wrapped around your face with punching balls flying at you to TOTALLY forget that you are leaving the country.  

The biggest thing that is rattling my brain is how I will have enough time to spend with my family and friends, in Washington State.  We leave in three months, so it is leaving very little time.  But in return, I personally feel like I was given a cultural lottery ticket and have photography/blog fairies dancing in my head!  The possibility for growth is endless.   I am so excited to drop the hustle aspect of it all and have a good couple of years to focus on the “why” of my craft.

The good outweighs the bad – today, I am thankful for this ride.

– C