Almost two weeks ago, we received word that we are (more than likely) moving to Bahrain. It’s taken about two weeks to actually wrap my head around the fact that we are, in fact, moving to the Middle East. There has been quite a lot of fanatically searching the area, attempting to find what type of home we would like to live in, etc. All the while, barely finding any information from other expats who have lived in the area. I just really want to know how much you all spend on groceries, travel without a car, etc!

To that, my mind just shut down about two days ago. So hard, that I reached a point of total fatigue. I felt like I hadn’t slept in months and would do anything to just sleep, for an entire day.

Yes, my husband is home and can absolutely help me through all of the details that we need to be planning – but, until today, I thought I really could do all of this on my own. Which, I shouldn’t be surprised that this is how I approached the topic of us moving – you mean, Candice thinks she can do everything by herself, only to stress herself into a ball of nerves, in the end??? Story of my life – a tale that needs to stop being told, in all honesty.

Anyways, today was the first day that I woke up, saw my husband, and realized…I am not alone in this game – and really, I need to ask for help! So, we will meet with his Chief this week (who has also been to Bahrain), I will make a list of things that he has mentioned that we need to do, I will get myself back to my Beachbody videos that I love so much, I will actually cook again, and I will ask for his help!
I mean, when you speak to your father-in-law on the phone, and he immediately asks if you are scared, because you sound like it – you know you need to lean on some other people! LOL!

This will be an adventure, y’all! I’m hoping you’ll join me for it, because I am nervous as ALL HELL.

– C

SIDE NOTE: I am notoriously very private with our lives, and usually expect the same courtesy is given to us, in regards to our information. However, we agreed that with my interests, this would be a great time to start a platform. So, this blog was started for the purpose of giving me an outlet to write out the mental and physical processes of moving internationally, sharing our future travels with family and friends (photography and written words), and to also give families moving to Bahrain a place to anticipate their own move. I truly wish I had a blog to lean on through all of this. So, hopefully this will help someone, in the future.