I finally received my first bout of energy and excitement (probably) since the day that we received confirmation that we would be going to Bahrain. Will and I took the time to look at apartments, today. We have had our eyes on two incredibly delicious properties, and were so delighted to find out that the building developers have FOUR separate high-rises, spanning the area; all featuring different vibes, but consistent in their over the top attention to detail and accommodations. 
Not only this, it will be less than two miles from our “little America” (aka base), and get this….a STARBUCKS is a block away. HELLLRRRR!!!

Also, can I just say that I am incredibly impressed with the amount of vegan and all-natural restaurants that will be within walking distance, from me? After my list of allergies that I found in August, I am readyfor more options and less processed ingredients.
With suggestions from many that have lived in the area, we have made certain that our residency will be within walking distance of most necessary places. We’ve heard that driving is almost as bad as it is in India and parking is a nightmare – so, bicycles it is.Yes, me on a bicycle with a basket on the front of my frame, making trips to the market to buy a few days worth of groceries – you can laugh, now……k stop. 

But, really…after 20 lbs of food allergy weight lost, I am a little worried that I will find myself right back where I was on Oahu – stuffing the most delectable local foods (that my EpiPen can handle) in every orifice. I mean, at least I can drag out the incessant need to gorge over a three-year span? Just thanking God I can’t eat delivery McDonald’s! 
That’s another thing…apparently EVERYTHING delivers. So, maybe I can just call in my groceries?? One can hope…or just get my butt up and work off that plate full of deliciousness from the night before.
Though really, I expect with a gym downstairs and the need to make new base acquaintances – fitness and classes will become a new best friend to me, which is something I have been literally dreaming about. 
No, seriously. I DON’T run… but, please tell me why every one of my best dreams that I have, it ends in me running through the streets like nothing in the world matters? 
So, I just hope treadmills will give me that same high and then I can transfer my new jogging legs around a village in Italy – Lord knows I won’t be running in 130 degree Bahrain heat!!!

To end the night, I have sent about five different emails to various Bahrain realtors and the first gentleman responder keeps calling me “sir”, even though I’ve told him that “my HUSBAND and I will be moving to Bahrain”. So, yay! My first taste of gender inequality! 
Truly though, I find it hilarious and am very much looking forward to reporting back my new cultural findings, as they come 

Until then, 
MRS. (not Mr.) Bigwood