The process has officially begun.   I mean, yes. . . I should have really started planning when we found out, earlier this week. But, can you blame a girl for wanting to do something a little different this time and breathe before freaking the eff out?  
I personally feel like a fish out of water, muddling through all of this.  But, man…I do have to say, it is so nice to have a partner who is on an equal playing field.  Leaning on each other through an international move is one more lesson that I didn’t expect to learn from the USN.  Don’t get me wrong, the urge to snap and get angry is there.  But, I believe the greatest thing that is helping me is recognizing intentions – we are both trying to achieve the same end goal, which is a peacefultransition for our home.  That collectively pure motivation is what really allows me to stop and breathe when I am ready to go full biatch mode.

We spoke to someone who just arrived from Bahrain and received great advice on what we need to prioritize.  There is either way too much information or not enough.  So, if there is one thing I’ve learned – seeking advice saves my crazy mind.  I don’t feel like I could do this without the insight of others.

In that, I downloaded an overseas calling app and made my very first phone call to a Middle Eastern landline (I’ll take .20 cents/min over the $3/min AT&T tried to charge me.  Let me know if you have a better suggestion!).
After the phone call with a man I couldn’t fully understand, it sunk in – I am going to be a foreigner, for the first time in my life.  The thought was overwhelming at first, but brought me so much peace in knowing the growing empathy that I will gain for the immigrants of my own homeland.

So..things we know! 
– Our check-in-by date.
– When we need to make our hotel reservations by.
– What information we need/who we need to see to get our fur babies into the country.
– The name of a realtor.
– An app that we still can’t figure out how to spell, for housing.  It sounds like “Talibana” .  You can imagine, the google searching isn’t finding what we’d hope it to. LOL.
– Amazon ships to FPO addresses…free 8-10 day shipping.
– I can buy pet food at a place called Pet Arabia!
– They make disposable cat litter boxes that come with lids!
– A solidification that there truly are Shawarma joints everywhere.

^^ Those are all positives, right? Lol. ^^ 

Currently, I have a document of about eight pages without any spacing and all caps with our orders and highlighted websites to visit – thanks husband, for the great highlighting job!

The adventure truly begins…………………..NOW.

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