Madison messaged me upon arrival from my Washington State sessions, in July.   Little did we know, our guys both knew each other and failed to ever introduce us.  Apparently, we broke through their plans of keeping us separated and found each other! ;)

A phenomenal photographer herself, Madison explained to me that she is always behind the camera for their family photos.  She said that she would love to give her husband pictures of her and their daughter, for his birthday. 

I woke up the morning of our session, and saw the most amazing thickest fog outside.  I promptly called Madison, changed our itinerary for the day, and caught the epic gray skies. After, we changed from our red mud covered clothes and met to document their precious daughter playing around the home. 

Their family still doesn’t know this, but the moment she sang “How Far I’ll Go” to her daughter on the bed, I lost all control of emotions.  In true Candice fashion...
 I cried like a baby, behind my lens. 

This family has given me the most priceless and wonderful gift.  I have watched her play and waddle around the house after her daughter, writhing in pain through the birth of their son (darn epidurals not working, until 45 mins before impact), and now being involved in the daily on-goings of their family unit – one that is so special and unique.  It’s been one of the greatest honors to witness this, all.


I am continually in awe of the strength of their home, and the love that they shower their children.  There is nothing more amazing to me than watching the love that parents have for each other and their family. 
I am so incredibly lucky to be on this phenomenal journey with Madison and her amazing family – who all have greeted and welcomed me with open arms. 

Today is her husband’s birthday – with a brand new baby son by his side, and a wife that could not love her family more. 

Happy Birthday, McKade!

-- Candice


Each time I leave a session, I cry. 
I started to believe there was something wrong with me for showing so much private emotion. 
However, I now realize at those times - I am just so happy in present moments that I have been gifted with.

Through Becca and Trevor, I truly saw raw human spirit filled with complex and fierce heart that is created in and by love.

While I may slip around, roll in grass, and act like a crazy woman on location - I am continuously brought to a spot of thankfulness, as families and people allow me to watch their lives play around them.

Through photography, I have allowed myself to live in time - as it moves. 
Not for what it should be, but for everything it is.

I am so incredibly thankful to you all, and the industry that has brought me so much tranquility.


I had such a blast with Alex and his family at Seattle's Pike Place Market.
 As soon I was told that they would be headed down - I didn't hesitate at all in suggesting that we take his senior portraits at this location.  

Thanks to Alex for taking time in your day and making sure that I didn't lay in puddles of spilled coffee drinks, while getting my "photography on"! 
Though, I'm glad I could provide you with your daily dosage of humor.