My First Family Session

The first family session I did was at Ft. Casey in Coupeville, Washington.  I could not be more nervous to jump into this day, but I was so incredibly thankful to Beth and Kirk for allowing me to stalk their family around the park while capturing moments of their rambunctiously adorable son.

A few weeks later, I came back home to Augusta and the real work began – trying to figure out what sort of “look” I wanted for my photos.   I remember obsessively editing out every strand of loose hair and background noise while crying over how many blurry photos and cut off limbs there were.  For me, editing is sort of like throwing a big mirror in front of my face while the voices tell me where all of my mistakes lay.

After several grueling months, I decided to take a long break from editing.  I had learned in theater, sometimes it is better to walk away from the pin-hole view of the project to finally see it from a new perspective.  Chances are, you’ll come back realizing - you are more capable than you initially realized.    

After many sessions, a clear idea of who I am as a photographer, and a new sense of security in my art – I came back to Zedd.  As I began to process the photos, I finally was able to laugh at the blurriness, the chopped off limbs, and the remembrance of frustration leading me to this moment. 
I finally felt a new sense of ground in my progress and smiled knowing – I will never stop learning.


Thank you again to Beth, Kirk, and Zedd for enabling this beautiful journey.  

- Candice