My love affair with the Pease family started off with a bang!   A few days after our initial meeting, I walked into the doors of their home.  A lover of all things IKEA; I immediately noticed the whimsical white chandelier hanging over the family's breakfast table.  For those of you who are IKEA obsessed; you can imagine the vibrant discussion that came after!
Next, the two girls led me to their rooms and my favorite tiny red head, Harper, showed off her big girl bed, books, and new Frozen vanity.  After playing with the girls; I began to document their beautiful Sunday morning.

As a woman in my twenties, I often question whether or not I would enjoy motherhood and worry about the toll that it would take on Will and I.  Throughout the morning, Jessica and Derek allowed me to capture their girl’s playing, dancing, and singing; as they would any other day.  Seeing this joy, how could I not find my heart pulling towards that maternal desire?
Jessica and Derek’s love for their daughters was filled with such joy and acceptance. The look that Jessica gave her husband while playing with their daughters - just captivating!  That look reminded me of the foundational truths of marriage and the imperative fun that must be had within a successful partnership.  Their powerful loving gazes, smiles, and laughs filled their home with sense of mutual pride and peace in all they have created together.

I cannot thank the Pease's enough for allowing me to experience what makes their lives whole.

-- Candice