Merit Qualifies A Candidate, Not Outdated Opinions On Sexual Orientation


I love God, and I would vote for a gay president.

I was raised in a home where I was taught to love people and to love harder, even when it feels impossible.  While I was raised under a Christian roof, I took these lessons and applied them to those around me.


My husband is agnostic or atheist. I don’t know which one, because honestly, that is not what matters to me.  What matters is that he is a loving, faithful husband who questions my heart and intentions - pushing me to be a better person every day.  He has taught me more than any book or person of faith has, in my adult life. I love him because we sharpen and compliment each other, and I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without his support.

I think about trying to better myself, and what would happen if someone were to tell me that I could not rise as a leader because I am married to this man of no religious affiliation.  I would argue that he is a great man; they would meet him and see his heart, and I would still be ineligible because of the paper details that he presents.
Regardless of my credentials, I would experience punishment because of that love.  In the end, the opinions of a select few would dictate my life’s trajectory.
That is where the issues lay….
….your opinion.

Your religious opinion on other people’s sexual orientation holds absolutely no objective bearing on them being qualified to be the President of the United States. Period.  

Did you know that you live in a country where marrying the person of the same sex is legal?
Did you know that a person’s sexuality or religious affiliation does not disqualify them from being eligible to be America’s leader? (click here for requirements for the presidency)
Did you know that being the loudest person in the room doesn’t make you right?

So, please do our country a favor and start looking at a candidate for the issues they stand for.  Watch their demeanor and how they react to the people around them. If that works for you, then that works for you - maybe you’ll vote for them. However, remember sexual orientation will never disqualify a person from running for president, in the United States.

…and when you can be in a room of people arguing and debating objective facts instead of subjective religious opinions, that is when you will be taken seriously by your audience.

Mayor Pete serving as a Lieutenant in the USN while being deployed in Afghanistan. Photo: Medium

Mayor Pete serving as a Lieutenant in the USN while being deployed in Afghanistan.
Photo: Medium

Candice Baker is an American photographer residing in Manama, Bahrain. Her pieces focus on assessing the human condition and how it weaves into society. Candice has worked as the Chief Photographer for Trent Nesmith’s GA 12th Congressional District election campaign and is a current student at Arizona State University (BS Sociology). Along with her photography, Candice is a US Navy wife and is an advocate for children of drug addicts.