january 17, 2018

Thank you to National Geographic and David Y. Lee, for another gift :)

For people who know me personally, they'll tell you that I am very private person, I don't like people knowing much about the on goings of my life, and that every move I make is incredibly calculated.

My venture with photography has been nothing short of the need to expose the majority of my vulnerabilities (whether via photo or written text). Through my collections, you have a first look at what my eye sees. Most pieces, I feel like I have flayed my brain open and allowed you to see each passionate thought that I have for society. A true heart stopper for someone as private as myself.

The recent piece that was recognized was nothing short of that.

I stood in a room with men and women in uniform, all who know each other very well, ASVAB scores that would knock me to the ground, and a regimented community that I could never be close to understanding. My insecurities ran high, needless to say.

Being slightly preoccupied in my own mind, a flood light came through the window - granting me with a diversion from my own self-doubt. While it blinded my eye piece, I felt a sense of thanksgiving for momentarily distracting me from what thoughts ran wild in my head.

I captured this piece just as I remembered my self-worth, far beyond the detracting inner dialogue.

It was a moment of silence, peace, and a grateful heart knowing, I was in a room with some of the men and women that I admire most.

It is so wonderful to have recognition on this very piece, because it is another great reminder that "nothing comes from nothing...nothing ever could."

If I hold back from you all, I may be comfortable, but I wouldn't get to experience another day like today and the moment I spent documenting this young man's oath.

-- Candice B.